AEO (Authorized Economic Operators )

By attaining the AEO status we have solidified our position within supplier chain which materially improves the quality of our services.


Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) are defined as secure part of supplier chain and which within its business activities specialize in activities concerned by customs regulations. SK-SPEDIT s.r.o. has become an AEO as of 25.5.2015 under the assigned number: 

SK AEOC600015051100069

The status of Authorized Economic Operator was introduced by the European Community with the aim to improve security of international trade as well as assure the supplier chain process in accordance with the security standards of the World Customs Organization (WCO).

The AEO certification is an easily recognizable sign of quality within international trade indicating that its holder is a secure link within international supplier chain.

All AEO certification holders have been verified by customs authorities through an arduous certification process as per the international customs regulations. AEO certificate issued by customs authorities confirms that the holder of the certificate and its internal control mechanisms, financial health, customs procedures and physical security comply with the demanding security and customs requirements of the European Community.

This Certificate enables us to provide you with even better services thus saving you not just money but also your precious time. This includes:

  • Priority execution of customs checks
  • Decreased risk of breaching customs regulations
  • Less physical customs checks
  • Easier access to simplified customs clearance procedures
  • Option to choose the place of customs checks
  • No need for customs debt warranty in some customs regimes

Simplified export customs clearance procedures

  • The main advantage of simplified export customs clearance procedure lies in the fact that the AEO certification holder is not dependent on Office hours of the Customs Bureau. Therefore the customs clearance takes place directly at the place of loading. Everything necessary will be taken care of by us.


Approved Economic Operators, besides the prestigious position within supplier chain, also have obligations subjected to stringent monitoring by Slovak Financial Administration.



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