About Us

Company SK-SPEDIT s.r.o. specializes in customs clearance services since 2002 which ensures rich customs clearance services experience.


In 2015 we have been granted the status of an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) by the Slovak Financial Administration which enables us to execute Simplified Customs Clearance Procedures. Only reliable links within logistic chains are certified by the Slovak Financial Administration as an AEO.


The company`s seat is in Nitra, however we provide customs clearance services in Nitra as well as in Trnava. Our offices are situated directly within the premises of the local customs bureaus which enables our trained team with long-term experience to operate smoothly and effectively.


Moreover our company prepares statistical reports INTRASTAT-SK as well as provides expert counselling. For contractual partners are these services provided free of charge.


We can also represent you in other towns across Slovakia since we are also able to operate externally as per your requirements.


  • Trnavská cesta 3561
  • 949 01 Nitra - Kynek
  • mobil: 0905 862 610
  • mobil: 0917 483 017
  • email:


IČO (Company ID): 35 961 821
DIČ (Tax ID): 2022077233
IČ DPH (VAT ID): SK2022077233